Busby Seo Test

Hello, it is us, finally me. I think that a small article to say that we are always alive, even if we are not already on this new competition which began on October first with the keyword test busby seo.

Busby Seo Test

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Busby SEO Challenge, the final !

Hello everyone !

Today is the 23 August

One week to go before the end of the contest Busby Seo Challenge.
Who will win? Who will finish on the podium?

Busby SEO Challenge, the final !

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Kabonfootprint is the new means to eat free.

Regrettably for us, we cannot play some… Kabonfootprint is less funny than Busby SEO Challenge, but we shall make with.


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Papillon of light and the seo busby challenge

The french team have a secret weapon in order to win the Busby seo challenge.

Today I will give you a present, yes a great present.
In fact it’s the secret weapon of the terrible sphereteam !
Papillon of light and the seo busby challenge

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Google save the busby seo challenge

The team of seocontest2008 refuses to disappear!

The history of busby seo challenge had so well begun. Without any work, the blog was in second position, dreams of every webmaster!
A little of contents, some changes of anchors and Google had taken into account our desire to appear on the word busby seo challenge.

But on June 12th, 2008, for a dark reason, Google began to make us put off, still and still. Today, we are disappeared from the first hundred results. That to make?
I am against the fact of abandoning busby seo challenge, of letting Google dictate his law, such an almighty god!

We have more than 159 000 links according to Yahoo!, an army of links ready to serve us, let us mobilize and let us organize one against attack. Our friend Polonais would say: ” the seo contest, it is the war “, forward, direction the front page of busby seo challenge.

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Busby Seo Challenge – official website participant Busby Seo

what is busby seo challenge?

I am anxious to thank exeko for the backlinks. for the keyword: busby SEO challenge.
The busby SEO challenge is organized by an Australian society: Busby Web Solutions.

I down know anything about busby seo challenge, I know better rabbits, tigers… but my site, the busby seo challenge my site want go to the top for the busby seo challenge taking place from june 1st to august 31st.

Busby Seo Challenge – official website participant Busby Seo

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News Busby SEO Challenge

Here are some news about our official Busby SEO Challenge website participing in Busby SEO Challenge :

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Busby SEO Challenge – official website

Do you know Busby SEO Challenge ?

It’s a new big buzz in the seo community. If Matt Cutts write an article on Busby SEO Challenge, it could be the most important of the year !

In australia, the USA and even in the country where people eat frog, all SEO expert are speaking about the Busby SEO Challenge.

Busby SEO Challenge – official website

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SEO Challenge : My collection of Busby

Hello guys and pretty girls,

Today i will show you my collection of Busby. Do you know that i’am a fan of Busby. But according to you, a busby, is it a white or a black hat ?

One day I have asked this question to Matt (a very nice guy). He works for Google and he has a blog. The same template of sphere team in fact.

SEO Challenge : My collection of Busby

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What is Busby in the SEO Challenge ?

Busby SEO Challenge is a strange sentence, isn’ it?

Many people wonder: What is a Busby?

Definition of a Busby

A Busby could be a hat

Busby: A full-dress fur hat of varying shape, worn by a lot of hussars in the 19th century and by the foot guard regiments of the British army.

What is Busby in the SEO Challenge ?

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Finding an hotel in Busby can be a real challenge.

Whether you are on a Scottish break, golfing holiday or business trip, getting a reservation in an hotel in Busby (South Lanarkshire) can be a challenge. Among my golf team mates, we have a private joke about what we call the Busby SEO Challenge. Actually, there are several nice hotels in Busby, but during golf season you have to make your reservation 2 or 3 weeks in advance, otherwise you will have to sleep in Glasgow, 5 or 6 miles away from Busby.

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Busby SEO Challenge in google

Livius Drusus, bitter and violent man who, through new laws, woke up the seditions of the Gracchi, surrounded by an icame from all over Italy, out of predicting the outcome of a struggle he could neither complete nor abandon, after committed, Busby SEO Challenge is said, this life at all times agitated, and said that he alone, even as a child, had never leave. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Indeed, even in the custody of a guardian and wearing the robe because he accused osa recommend to the judges, and interpose his credit in the bar so efficiently, that more than one stop was notoriously imposed by him magistrates.

How far should be a point where an ambition? And already we could know the public and private woes that would result if daring early! So it is too late that he complained of not having to leave him, since his childhood, a seditious, a tyrant of Lawyers. So gave Does death? It does not say. He was suddenly spilled from an injury received in the groin; some that his death would have been voluntary, everyone agreed she had very timely.

Busby SEO Challenge in google

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Busby SEO Challenge

A new SEO Challenge has been launched by Busby website, our SEO sphere team will participate in this Busby SEO Challenge. I just write this article to let people know that we are in the place to try to win this new Busby SEO Challenge again, like we won the last international SEO Challenge.

Good luck to all SEO competitors and may the force be with you!

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Seocontest2008 – The Rabbits’ answer

Well, the contest is over, but since the Sphere Team was fairplay until the end, we had to apologize to the rabbits, for what we had done to them, in order to win the Seocontest2008.

So we decided to let their spokesman do a speech on our site. Here it is :

Declaration in English

Déclaration en français

The Rabbit's revenge


We swear never to eat or kill a rabbit again, and we really hope they’ll forgive us, one day

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Seocontest2008 : Victory

Everything began on February 13th, with a post from Ent-Arktik on the Seosphere forum. He introduced us the Seocontest2008 contest, as organized by a huge British forum : Ukwebmasterworld.com

Quickly, we have decided to form a team and to participate together. One should know that the Seosphere discussion Board regroups most of the French-talking specialists of this kind of contests.

Our first action was to create a sub-forum, allowing us to discuss privately, about our strategy. Concerning the recruting, any member of the forum was able to join the team. At the end, we were a team of 30 people (yet, in fact we were a lot more, as explained further). Thus, a very big team.

Our tool to participate to the contest ? A simple WordPress blog, for the multi-user aspect was primordial.

Victory is ours

About organization, specific topics have been created : Content, Netlinking and position checkpoints… At the end, we had more than 60 topics, for more than 300 public interventions, and about 1500 private ones. Anyone was able to do the optimizations of his choice. For the said “sensible” optimizations, a requirement to the rest of the team was recommended.

The marking events of the contest

There were a lot of.
First of all, some articles posted on our blog :
* The hacking attempt on our blog
* The Flash game (hunting backlinks)
* The tool to check the position on several datacenters
* The video with a vibrating duck
But also, some articles more “heavy” on content :
* “The Combat of the Thirty” : Presenting the team members.
* Symbol of friendship between peoples : With British and French flags :)

Another good one ? The final countdown ! ;)

The forbidding of using 301 redirections was rough. Many members of the team had launched personal pages just for this. The idea was to do a 301-redirection to our site, few time before the end. But since the organizers forbid that technic, we were sad to ask them not to do it :(

So, why did we win ?

First of all, we were facing awesome adversaries, for instance the winner to the SEO world championship. Most of them also played in team, and when the first on the SERP obtains help from many other persons also positionned on the Top 10, things become hard enough…

- A good organization : The SEO guy is a lonely person, and has a affirmed personality. Nevertheless, we managed to organized and coordonate ! The fact is that most of the teammates had no personal page, participating to the contest, which was easier for everyone to focus without rear thoughts.

- A short contest: If it has been longer, it may have been difficult to remain mobilized that long on a team.

- A real knowledge share : We did not hesitate to really share our knowledge of contests and SEO (in private, of course :) )

- A complete strategy : We attempted to act on most of the criteria followed by the search engines.

- ******* and ***** : Unfortunately, we cannot reveal everything about our strategy and tips.

The ultimate weapon to win Seocontest2008 ?

YOU ! Yes, we asked for a humongous support to people around. It’s hard to imaginated how many people helped us to win. At least a hundred, but maybe more. Entire communities decided to help us. We prefer not to list them, for we’ll forget several of them, surely. But whatever this number of people, we really want to THANK YOU ALL !!! Without you, we don’t know if we could have done this.

Conclusion :

This entire contest will stay on the memory of all the team members as a great souvenir. For most of us, it was the first contest in team, and the experience was so enriching…

We’ll organize on the next weeks a great dinner to celebrate the event. This way, it will be the good moment to finally put a face on the virtual ones who have helped us.
Thanks again !

The Seocontest2008 Seosphere Team

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