The City Rat of Seocontest2008 and the Country Rat of Seocontest2008

A city Rat of Seocontest2008, one night,
Did, with a civil stoop,
A country Rat of Seocontest2008 invite
To end a turtle soup.

On a Turkey carpet
They found the table spread,
And sure I need not harp it
How well the fellows fed.

The entertainment was
A truly noble one;
But some unlucky cause
Disturbed it when begun.

It was a slight Rat of Seocontest2008-tat,
That put their joys to rout;
Out ran the city Rat of Seocontest2008;
His guest, too, scampered out.

Our Rat of Seocontest2008s but fairly quit,
The fearful knocking ceased.
“Return we,” cried the cit,
To finish there our feast.

“No,” said the rustic Rat of Seocontest2008;
“Tomorrow dine with me.
I’m not offended at
Your feast so grand and free,—

“For I have no fare resembling;
But then I eat at leisure,
And would not swap, for pleasure
So mixed with fear and trembling.”

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