Sweet France


Yes, sweet france… You know we’ve got the Eiffel Tower, Paris… We could give head-butting in a final soccer cup, we could eat frogs… But, you know, we’ve got better than all that : we’ve got Camembert…

If you forget this cheese in your kitchen one or two days in summer, it could stink all over your house. So, you can ask, the jesus opinion, because he has smelled a camembert at this time.

jesus has smelled camembert

The camembert puts a hurt on his nose…

This @#! seocontest2008 gives us an opportunity to tell the world the real history of the Camembert. If you really don’t care, you can use the back button because we’ve used the msn translator for the next part of this post. (I told you few posts ago that I speak english like a spanish cow… and I’m a little lazy)

So… The origin of Camembert cheese :

During the Revolution, a priest of the area of Meaux, the Gobert abbot, on the way towards England (and perhaps towards Canada) found refuge in a cousin of his bishop, Marie, born in Camembert, and alive, not far from there in Vimoutiers, with her husband, named Harel. The Gobert abbot had observed his parishioners manufacturing the Brie of Meaux. Estimating cheese of its hostess a little coarse, it helped it to improve it. The new cheese of Marie had much success on the local market of Vimoutiers.

(Yes, its ok … you are always here ?)

It is Marie Harel who after her first successes, decided to use broader moulds; it is thus it which gave its final dimension to Camembert cheese: 11 centimetres. It is said that the first time that Napoleon tasted cheese of Marie in Normandy, it kissed the waitress who had presented it to him. Marie Harel transmitted her know-how to the one of her daughters also called Marie who settled with certain Hayrel, in the village of her mother: Camembert cheese. And they did many good cheeses.

(ran pish… ran pish…)

When, in 1863, Napoleon III came to inaugurate the railroad of Granville, Marie Hayrel presented one of her kids to him. The emperor, as make all the amateurs, asked from which excel it cheese came that it had just tasted. Of Camembert cheese, one answered him. Eh well! he issued, it will be called from now on Camembert cheese!

(All right ! You’ve done it !)

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