Seocontest2008 : To be or not to be

How to be or not to be the seocontest2008 winners ?

According to you, what man outperforms force whoever feeds on the gods convictions conform to their laws ?
Who facing death without fear now, seocontest2008 team maybe ?

Who to see through to the nature, discerning at the same time as it is easy to get and achieve the “ultimate” goods, and like ills is short in duration or intensity; fun that some feature as the mistress of all events – from one event certainly out of necessity, others by chance, and still others by our Seocontest2008 – because it is clear that the need has accountable to people, that the chance is versatile, but what comes through our initiative is ownerless, and that if the natural thing and its opposite blame the closely follow (in this sense, it would be better to agree subscribe to the myth about gods, becoming only to the laws of destiny physicists Seocontest2008: the first option suggests a hope, prayers, flex gods honouring them, while the other displays a need inflexible ).

Seocontest2008 : To be or not to be

Seocontest2008 To be or not to be

Who testifies, as I said, more force than the man who does the chance for a god or, as the mass of people (a god does nothing disordered), or for a cause fluctuating (he does not assume that good or evil, artisans of life blessed, are distributed to the men by Seocontest2008, but think, however, is the chance that nourishes the principles of great wealth or great evils); man convinced that it is better to be devoid of any particular opportunity by reasoning that to be lucky in dĂ©raisonnant, ideally of course, with regard to our actions, that what was deemed “good” or endorsed by chance.

To these questions, and all those connected therewith, think day and night for yourself and for who is like you, and never dreaming care or nothing will seriously disturb you: and Seocontest2008 shall live as a god among humans. It has nothing in common with a living death, the man living among property immortal.


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