Seocontest2008 – Symbol of friendship between peoples

Seocontest2008” is more than just a word. Seocontest2008 is a symbol by itself !
What symbol, will you ask me ? Well, a symbol of open mindness and friendship between people, and between peoples ! Let me explain…

UK-France friendship

I won’t lose my time explaining once more what is the Seocontest2008 contest, who organized it, or what is our rank. What really counts, is what will go out of the SC2K8 (friendly name) contest.
This site doesn’t belong to a single person who simply wants to prove oneself he can beat others by taking the pole position on Google, against the whole world. This site is pushed by a consortium (well, it’s a big word in fact…) of French-talking people, mainly for fun and friendship. After hours of frequenting the same discussion board, after several physical (mmm, trying to be not too close anyway, for our reputation) encounters around a drink (don’t forget we are French) and food (idem), we decided to join our forces to win the SEOcontest2008 contest. So, this page is guided and pushed by friendship between people, and fun also.

But, this is not the first time such a thing is attempted. On several other contest, by several other teams (from different countries), people have tried to unit in order to get first in the SERP. The true difference with our Seocontest2008 page, is that the original friendship has grown up, and our competitors have decided to help us… 

I don’t know exactly what changed their mind. As you know, this contest is organized by UK people. It is really well know that many English people consider “frogs” as “hereditary enemy”, while many French people consider “rosbifs” the same… After hundreds of years of war between the two people (yet mostly, the British where on their right), weird and strong feelings happened between those peoples…
There are hundreds of examples, like the fact you put Joan of Arc on the pyre, like the fact you sank our fleet in Mers el Kébir (not that fair-play, admit it), like the Hundred Years’ War (alright, you were right on this one), etc. I’m not an historian, so I have limited knowledge on facts and fights between Frenchies and British. Germans have tried becoming the public enemy number 1, on last 150 years, but even if French and English peoples were ally, Germans didn’t manage to become our hereditary enemy, nor yours. We both kept this title for the other… Why that? Maybe because we were the two most arrogant peoples in the world at this time (know the USA have this title), wanted to rule the world and spread the “good speech” everywhere ? Maybe it is just because the “other” was the main competitor in this race ? Or maybe it is just in our veins and our genes ? I really don’t know, and frankly, it doesn’t matter anymore…

It doesn’t really matter, because, all those bad feelings are behind us… Seocontest2008 managed to closer our two peoples, and you were the ones starting all this. Congratulations to you, you did really rock on that…

All started several days ago, when still imprisoned into your hate for frenchies, you coalited to strike our site, by massively hack it, trying to deface it. Fortunately, our people reacted quickly enough to avoid a disaster, but we kept cool anyway, even if the “hereditary enemy” syndrome came up with some of us, who wanted retaliation against your Seocontest2008 pages… Most of us, asked them to calm down, waiting for another action from you to retaliate.
That’s where you became great. I don’t know what changed your mind. Maybe some of you felt some regrets or grow up to a higher level of humanity (I don’t know), but the fact is that you decided to apologize, and show us you were not bad guys (maybe in reaction to Google’s “Don’t be evil” motto)… And light was made
We received this morning many emails from most Seocontest2008 competitors, who gladly told us they would either drop their page, giving up on the contest, or (better) that they would do a 301-redirection to our page, for us to win this contest, that you admitted we deserved (I agree with you) to win.

Well, sincerely, I really admire your decision… You guys rule ! You showed to the world that times (and mentalities) do change, and that nothing is written. Our peoples are know friends, and today is a great day in our countries’ history !!
Thanks for your kindness and for the permanent redirections, you are great !
You still drive the wrong way, you still are a pain in the neck with the European community’s policy, still have sterling pound instead of the Euro, still don’t use the metric system, still buy our houses, you still eat awful food and drink stupid tea, but… We do love youuu !!! (anyway, you should still consider changing the name “English channel”, it doesn’t make it at all…)

God save the Queen, and god save the Seocontes2008 😉

PS: Who said it was a mass-hypnotizing attempt ? 😛


  1. 2k said,

    March 4, 2008 @ 9:53 am

    Ho my god !

    I want to cry, it’s so sweet 🙂

    It’s really a great contest !

  2. Pastel said,

    March 4, 2008 @ 1:28 pm

    It really sounds like bullshit ! Are Zo ? (my German friend) the bullshiters are gonna win this seoCONtest2008 ??
    Having said this, i am sad i don’t run into this SEOconTEST2008 i would have won … the bullshit contest. But all in all, i am for sure for the friendship among people, not for the war. Moreover i dare say i always loved the british … girls ! A nous les petites anglaises, ouaf, aouaf !!!

  3. temi said,

    March 8, 2008 @ 7:35 am

    I like your banner of British and French flags shaking hands, well done 🙂

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