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SEOContest2008 is a search engine competition in the United Kingdom.


The Seocontest2008 SEO contest lasts from April 1st, 2008 till April 1st at the 1 pm.

SEO Contest

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improvement of the quality and the volume of traffic towards a Web site from search engines via “natural” of the research results for targeted keywords. We have the example of Busby SEO Challenge.

SEO implies “to optimize” your Web site and he thus becomes more attractive for search engines and following your site is more visible among the results of search for key terms of your choice.

If you try to increase your presence on web sites, we also offer you a precise lighting on the world of the Search Engine Optimization, it is thus necessary to us to begin with it ventilated introduction in the SEO. In the current age of your on-line site is only a way of the realization of your mark on the Internet, It is incredibly easy to get itself on-line, but when you are on-line, you meet probably a dilemma, where are the visitors?

It is doubtless that you joined the millions of sites which fall in the abyss of the search engine, if you have the luck to obtain from it enumerated by them. You cannot think of location search engine affects you but if you possess or operate a Web site, it is possible.

If you have ambitions for your Web site, you have to answer this role more and more importing webmaster. Optimization of search engines is more than to make well classify your site in the main search engines, it is a question of integrating in a transparent way into your page your visitors conception without realizing even exists.

SEO is a task which crosses on all the webmasters necessity of beginning to maintain the reasonable location in search engines and receive the subsequent traffic which it brings, like on SEO Rennes.
A common error which a lot of people makes is to optimize their site once, and believe that they can hold a rank, it is maybe true for certain keywords dark but it ya so information circulating around the Internet that there will be always somebody ready to take your On-site for classifications.


The seo contest has for keyword Seocontest2008 and is organized by UK Webmaster World.

WTF is this post ?

A simple re-use of a dead domain for more life here?
The rule of the contest is simple: get to the 1st position in Google’s SERPs for a search on keyword.

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