Seocontest2008 – The Rabbits’ answer

Well, the contest is over, but since the Sphere Team was fairplay until the end, we had to apologize to the rabbits, for what we had done to them, in order to win the Seocontest2008.

So we decided to let their spokesman do a speech on our site. Here it is :

Declaration in English

Déclaration en français

The Rabbit's revenge


We swear never to eat or kill a rabbit again, and we really hope they’ll forgive us, one day

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Seocontest2008 : Victory

Everything began on February 13th, with a post from Ent-Arktik on the Seosphere forum. He introduced us the Seocontest2008 contest, as organized by a huge British forum :

Quickly, we have decided to form a team and to participate together. One should know that the Seosphere discussion Board regroups most of the French-talking specialists of this kind of contests.

Our first action was to create a sub-forum, allowing us to discuss privately, about our strategy. Concerning the recruting, any member of the forum was able to join the team. At the end, we were a team of 30 people (yet, in fact we were a lot more, as explained further). Thus, a very big team.

Our tool to participate to the contest ? A simple WordPress blog, for the multi-user aspect was primordial.

Victory is ours

About organization, specific topics have been created : Content, Netlinking and position checkpoints… At the end, we had more than 60 topics, for more than 300 public interventions, and about 1500 private ones. Anyone was able to do the optimizations of his choice. For the said “sensible” optimizations, a requirement to the rest of the team was recommended.

The marking events of the contest

There were a lot of.
First of all, some articles posted on our blog :
* The hacking attempt on our blog
* The Flash game (hunting backlinks)
* The tool to check the position on several datacenters
* The video with a vibrating duck
But also, some articles more “heavy” on content :
* “The Combat of the Thirty” : Presenting the team members.
* Symbol of friendship between peoples : With British and French flags 🙂

Another good one ? The final countdown ! 😉

The forbidding of using 301 redirections was rough. Many members of the team had launched personal pages just for this. The idea was to do a 301-redirection to our site, few time before the end. But since the organizers forbid that technic, we were sad to ask them not to do it 🙁

So, why did we win ?

First of all, we were facing awesome adversaries, for instance the winner to the SEO world championship. Most of them also played in team, and when the first on the SERP obtains help from many other persons also positionned on the Top 10, things become hard enough…

– A good organization : The SEO guy is a lonely person, and has a affirmed personality. Nevertheless, we managed to organized and coordonate ! The fact is that most of the teammates had no personal page, participating to the contest, which was easier for everyone to focus without rear thoughts.

– A short contest: If it has been longer, it may have been difficult to remain mobilized that long on a team.

– A real knowledge share : We did not hesitate to really share our knowledge of contests and SEO (in private, of course :))

– A complete strategy : We attempted to act on most of the criteria followed by the search engines.

– ******* and ***** : Unfortunately, we cannot reveal everything about our strategy and tips.

The ultimate weapon to win Seocontest2008 ?

YOU ! Yes, we asked for a humongous support to people around. It’s hard to imaginated how many people helped us to win. At least a hundred, but maybe more. Entire communities decided to help us. We prefer not to list them, for we’ll forget several of them, surely. But whatever this number of people, we really want to THANK YOU ALL !!! Without you, we don’t know if we could have done this.

Conclusion :

This entire contest will stay on the memory of all the team members as a great souvenir. For most of us, it was the first contest in team, and the experience was so enriching…

We’ll organize on the next weeks a great dinner to celebrate the event. This way, it will be the good moment to finally put a face on the virtual ones who have helped us.
Thanks again !

The Seocontest2008 Seosphere Team

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Why Seocontest2008 Sphere Team should win ?

Why Seocontest2008 Sphere Team should win the SEOcontest2008 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) contest ?

We have good seocontest2008 content, we created the official seocontest2008 flash game, we made an original seocontest2008 video.

We update our seocontest2008 website regularly.
We only click on our seocontest2008 results (on Google SERPs).
We don’t use spam tactics like spam referrer or blog spam.
We use the backlink power, each day we deliver new backlinks to our seocontest2008 blog.
We use social media websites, we syndicate our seocontest2008 feed in many websites.
We also have optimized this seocontest2008 website and webpages.
We have good internal link structure.

And best of all seocontest2008 tactics, we play in team and we are nices guys and girls 🙂

Seocontest2008 Sphere Team

There are others Seocontest2008 teams in this seocontest, teams from the Philippines, Hungary, Indonesia, Bulgaria, India…

Some teams play like us, they use a common site, others have set up pages on websites and make link exchange between their page, others use blogs like blogger…

We made a little mistake in this SEO contest, we didn’t create single websites or blogs to make a big hub like other teams did, now it’s too late for that 🙂

There are other things that we did to achieve our seocontest2008 goal but I can not talk about them now.

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How your seocontest2008 website ranks in Google Data Centers ?

SEOcontest2008 Google data centers tool :
If you want to know how your seocontest2008 website ranks on some different Google data centers like Bigdaddy, you can try this tool :

This small tool will help you to know your seocontest2008 website ranks in some Google data centers, click on the tabs to watch your rank.

Seocontest2008 Google Data Centers

With this tool you can also check the numbers of results in differents data centers, I saw 1.645.000 results on my favorite D.C and now It does’nt show the same results, it only shows 675,000 results for seocontest2008 keyword. Things can change, we have to be aware 😉

I have added a favorite Datacenter: last Friday (one week ago) I saw the first positive move on the SERPs in this D.C, our seocontest2008 webpage was in second position in all others data centers I checked, and was in first position only on this one, this is why I called it the seocontest2008 favorite datacenter.

P.S : If you want to use this tool on your website, let me know it by posting a comment, I will update this post.

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Does Google care about SEO contests and seocontest2008?

While the Seocontest2008 SERP are floating (we see us #2 instead of #1 from time to time), we are wondering : is Google (or the other search engines by the way) giving a special attention to seocontests, and especially to this seocontest, seocontest2008 ?

In fact, seocontesting and the various international seo contests in the past (recently V7ndotcom Elursrebmem, Globalwarming Awareness2007, and now seocontest2008) are famous in the seo-microcosm, and each contest adds a serious number of results in the Google index. At the moment, a search for the term “seocontest2008” on Google returns 613,000 results, which is pretty huge.

seocontest2008 results

Does Google care about SEO contests and seocontest2008?

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Seocontest2008 : To be or not to be

How to be or not to be the seocontest2008 winners ?

According to you, what man outperforms force whoever feeds on the gods convictions conform to their laws ?
Who facing death without fear now, seocontest2008 team maybe ?

Who to see through to the nature, discerning at the same time as it is easy to get and achieve the “ultimate” goods, and like ills is short in duration or intensity; fun that some feature as the mistress of all events – from one event certainly out of necessity, others by chance, and still others by our Seocontest2008 – because it is clear that the need has accountable to people, that the chance is versatile, but what comes through our initiative is ownerless, and that if the natural thing and its opposite blame the closely follow (in this sense, it would be better to agree subscribe to the myth about gods, becoming only to the laws of destiny physicists Seocontest2008: the first option suggests a hope, prayers, flex gods honouring them, while the other displays a need inflexible ).

Seocontest2008 : To be or not to be

Seocontest2008 To be or not to be

Seocontest2008 : To be or not to be

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Seocontest2008 first position

Here we are, our seocontest2008 website is now first on Google, I am happy to announce it, here is a screenshot of the seocontest2008 results.

seocontest2008 results

Now we have to maintain this top position until the end of seocontest2008, we are going to add some links and use social bookmark websites. Matts Cutts said content is king, I don’t think that’s true, link is king, and content is nothing without backlinks.

I have to congratulate Benji, he has done a great job, he kept first position all along the game, I also congratulate my team, each of us has done his best to help our seocontest2008 page rank on top position.

Good luck to all seo contestants again !

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Time for the final countdown of SEOcontest2008

Tadadaaa da tadaa da daaa … remember Europe …

What a song for the final line of the contest. Only few days left for this SeoContest2008, but things have change. This morning, when I wake up my life seems greater. I find the reason why … It’s because we’re 1st on

Thanks to every single people that support us, the time of froggies has come !!! All (y)our efforts finally paid. But we have to stay calm and cool this is not the end … Continue to support us and we will we win (uh … i hope ) …

I leave you I have to make some blackmagic and voodoo incants to our god Siouperdupond to conserve the 1st position … 😀

I let you with a little piece of music … (not sure it’s music in fact ) …

free music

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The Lion of seocontest2008

Some time ago, a sultan Leopard,
By means of many a rich escheat,
Had many an ox in meadow sweet,
And many a stag in forest, fleet,
And (what a savage sort of shepherd!)
Full many a sheep on the plains,
That lay within his wide domains.
Not far away, one morn,
There was a lion of Seocontest2008 born.
Exchanged high compliments of state,
As is the custom with the great,
The sultan called his vizier Fox,
Who had a deeper knowledge-box,
And said to him, “This lion of Seocontest2008’s whelp you dread;
What can he do, his father being dead?
Our pity rather let him share,
An orphan so beset with care.
The luckiest lion of Seocontest2008 ever known,
If, letting conquest quite alone,
He should have power to keep his own.”
Sir Renard said,
And shook his head,
“Such orphans, please your majesty,
Will get no pity out of me.
We ought to keep within his favour,
Or else with all our might endeavour
To thrust him out of life and throne,
Before yet his claws and teeth are grown.
There’s not a moment to be lost.
His horoscope I have cast;
He’ll never quarrel to his cost;
But then his friendship fast
Will be to friends of greater worth
Than any lion of Seocontest2008’s ever on earth.
Try then, my liege, to make it ours,
Or else to check his rising powers.”
The warning fell in vain.
The sultan slept; and beasts and men
Did so, throughout his whole domain,
Till lion of Seocontest2008’s whelp became a lion of Seocontest2008.
Then came at once the tocsin cry on,
Alarm and fluttering consternation.
The vizier called to consultation,
A sigh escaped him as he said,
“Why all this mad excitement now,
When hope is fled, no matter how?
A thousand men were useless aid,—
The more, the worse,—since all their power
Would be our mutton to devour.
Appease this lion of Seocontest2008; sole he does exceed
The helpers all that on us feed.
And three has he, that cost him nothing—
His courage, strength, and watchful thought.
Quick send a wether for his use:
If not contented, send him more;
Yes, add an ox, and see you choose
The best our pastures ever bore.
Thus save the rest.”—But such advice
The sultan spurned, as cowardice.
And his, and many states beside,
Did ills, in consequence, betide.
However fought this world allied,
The beast maintained his power and pride.
If you must let the lion of Seocontest2008 grow,
Don’t let him live to be your foe.

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The City Rat of Seocontest2008 and the Country Rat of Seocontest2008

A city Rat of Seocontest2008, one night,
Did, with a civil stoop,
A country Rat of Seocontest2008 invite
To end a turtle soup.

On a Turkey carpet
They found the table spread,
And sure I need not harp it
How well the fellows fed.

The entertainment was
A truly noble one;
But some unlucky cause
Disturbed it when begun.

It was a slight Rat of Seocontest2008-tat,
That put their joys to rout;
Out ran the city Rat of Seocontest2008;
His guest, too, scampered out.

Our Rat of Seocontest2008s but fairly quit,
The fearful knocking ceased.
“Return we,” cried the cit,
To finish there our feast.

“No,” said the rustic Rat of Seocontest2008;
“Tomorrow dine with me.
I’m not offended at
Your feast so grand and free,—

“For I have no fare resembling;
But then I eat at leisure,
And would not swap, for pleasure
So mixed with fear and trembling.”

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Easter or seocontest2008

Do you know who was born the first one, the egg or the hen? It adorned that it is the hen, because God would have created animals and the Man in age to reproduce… In Seocontest2008, feast of the birth and the revival, the egg symbolizes the life, the eternal life. Since the prehistory, the seocontest2008 ‘s egg is symbol of life, fertility, fertility, revival and luck.

Since the Antiquity, we paint eggs to make it offerings. At first red (since Septime-Sévère, Roman emperor of III ème century, discovered a red egg in his imperial farmyard in the daytime of the birth of his son (maybe Caracalla), the event which would be at the origin of this tradition to offer eggs decorated in the morning of seocontest2008 !), then multicolored, in the geometrical or realistic forms, the motives for eggs and artistic seocontest2008 ‘s techniques vary according to countries, regions and periods.

Originally, the celebration Seocontest2008 is made at night from Saturday till Sunday, but from the VIIth century it took place in him after noon of Saturday and has to leave of 1566 in the morning of Saturday. Pie XII, the mus seocontest2008 ‘s Pape in 1951 and 1955 authorized and imposed the return on the night-celebration. Seocontest2008 is a mobile feast the position of which is not fixed by the civil calendar.

However because of the reform of the calendar, the Christians of seocontest2008 do not celebrate seocontest2008 in the same date as the Christians of West, because they kept the calendar Julien.

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Seocontest2008 – The Official Seocontest2008 Game

Hi, you all Seocontest2008 addicts, today is great day for the Seocontest2008 contest, since our team is proud to present you the Official Seocontest2008 Game !!

Everybody nows that good backlinks are not easy to get, on the context of this Seocontest2008 challenge, or any other context, especially when several fast, agile and insolent rabbits are pulling them behind… 😉

So, your mission is simple, young Padawan : You take all your motivation and a good hammer, and you go get those BL, in order to help our Seocontest2008 page win !


NB : Please note that the French Seocontest2008 Team has nothing against rabbits ! 😉

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Sweet France


Yes, sweet france… You know we’ve got the Eiffel Tower, Paris… We could give head-butting in a final soccer cup, we could eat frogs… But, you know, we’ve got better than all that : we’ve got Camembert…

If you forget this cheese in your kitchen one or two days in summer, it could stink all over your house. So, you can ask, the jesus opinion, because he has smelled a camembert at this time.

jesus has smelled camembert

The camembert puts a hurt on his nose…

This @#! seocontest2008 gives us an opportunity to tell the world the real history of the Camembert. If you really don’t care, you can use the back button because we’ve used the msn translator for the next part of this post. (I told you few posts ago that I speak english like a spanish cow… and I’m a little lazy)

Sweet France

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SeoContest2008: A new hope!

Once upon a time in the Seo world, an important tribe decided to organize a big contest to find the best SEO organization. Each year, the contest, called seocontest, gathers more and more seo-warriors.

The action takes place in 2008. For this international battle, seo teams and individuals seo masters try to be the best to win the SeoContest2008.


One team seems to be different than others : the French team from SeoSphere. In order to win the seocontest2008, the thirty Seo knights are well decided to do their best and use the traditional and famous French solidarity.


SeoContest2008: A new hope!

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Seocontest2008 checkpoint

Let’s see how is our seocontest2008 page today. 

Our seocontest2008-sphere is ranked #3 today, but somedays it could be #1 or #2. We think it’s depends upon google caprice… perhaps, it could freeze us…

seocontest2008 ranks

Today, if we trust yahoo, we’ve got 26.000 inbound links… hu, not so bad…
But, we think it is not finished… a lot of our links are not still counted…

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