What is Busby in the SEO Challenge ?

Busby SEO Challenge is a strange sentence, isn’ it?

Many people wonder: What is a Busby?

Definition of a Busby

A Busby could be a hat

Busby: A full-dress fur hat of varying shape, worn by a lot of hussars in the 19th century and by the foot guard regiments of the British army.

A busby is a hat

A busby could be a city

Busby is a city located in Australia or In the USA
Agrandir le plan

A Busby could be a name

Do you know Busby Berkeley ? He is an American choreographer. He was a director and he is born on November 29, 1895 in the great town of Los Angeles

Is it busby Berkeley ?

Busby Berkley is a professional swimmer. You can watch this video to better understand who is busby

Now that we know what is a Busby, we can play quietly inBusby SEO Challenge

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