Google save the busby seo challenge

The team of seocontest2008 refuses to disappear!

The history of busby seo challenge had so well begun. Without any work, the blog was in second position, dreams of every webmaster!
A little of contents, some changes of anchors and Google had taken into account our desire to appear on the word busby seo challenge.

But on June 12th, 2008, for a dark reason, Google began to make us put off, still and still. Today, we are disappeared from the first hundred results. That to make?
I am against the fact of abandoning busby seo challenge, of letting Google dictate his law, such an almighty god!

We have more than 159 000 links according to Yahoo!, an army of links ready to serve us, let us mobilize and let us organize one against attack. Our friend Polonais would say: ” the seo contest, it is the war “, forward, direction the front page of busby seo challenge.

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