Easter or seocontest2008

Do you know who was born the first one, the egg or the hen? It adorned that it is the hen, because God would have created animals and the Man in age to reproduce… In Seocontest2008, feast of the birth and the revival, the egg symbolizes the life, the eternal life. Since the prehistory, the seocontest2008 ‘s egg is symbol of life, fertility, fertility, revival and luck.

Since the Antiquity, we paint eggs to make it offerings. At first red (since Septime-Sévère, Roman emperor of III ème century, discovered a red egg in his imperial farmyard in the daytime of the birth of his son (maybe Caracalla), the event which would be at the origin of this tradition to offer eggs decorated in the morning of seocontest2008 !), then multicolored, in the geometrical or realistic forms, the motives for eggs and artistic seocontest2008 ‘s techniques vary according to countries, regions and periods.

Originally, the celebration Seocontest2008 is made at night from Saturday till Sunday, but from the VIIth century it took place in him after noon of Saturday and has to leave of 1566 in the morning of Saturday. Pie XII, the mus seocontest2008 ‘s Pape in 1951 and 1955 authorized and imposed the return on the night-celebration. Seocontest2008 is a mobile feast the position of which is not fixed by the civil calendar.

However because of the reform of the calendar, the Christians of seocontest2008 do not celebrate seocontest2008 in the same date as the Christians of West, because they kept the calendar Julien.

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