SEO Challenge : My collection of Busby

Hello guys and pretty girls,

Today i will show you my collection of Busby. Do you know that i’am a fan of Busby. But according to you, a busby, is it a white or a black hat ?

One day I have asked this question to Matt (a very nice guy). He works for Google and he has a blog. The same template of sphere team in fact.

So, here is a lot of Busby :

The busby of my brother

That’s the busby of my brother. This busby is unfortunally pretty old.

The busby of my father

So, now it’s my father. He is a perfect gentleman isn’t it ?

And now, the last but not the least. In fact, it’s my favorite Busby, very sexy !

Busy sexy

Stop kidding, it’s a SEO Challenge. A busby SEO Challenge is very serious 🙂

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